Liberty Benefit's Prescription Plan offers Brand Name and Generic Drugs    


98% of Pharmacies Nationwide and Puerto Rico.
All Prescription Drugs on the PDL are covered... That's over 52,000 Drugs!
Special discounts arranged on PDL drugs not available at the fixed fees.


Are prescription drug costs making you sick? Prescription Plan can help you!
This formulary program has the following tiers:
Tier 1: .......Pay $10 or less on select Generic Drugs
Tier 2: .......Pay $20 or less on select Brand Name & Generic Drugs
Tier 3: .......Pay $50 or less on Select Brand Name Drugs
Tier 4: .......Pre-Negotiated Nationwide Prices

If you want to SAVE more you can use our exclusive United States and HOME DELIVERY PROGRAM and save up to 70%

Save significantly on drugs you take frequently or everyday! Excellent Customer Service will win you over!

Check out our Home Delivery Pharmacy Prices

Please contact your Liberty Benefits Representative, toll free at 888-642-4330 EST and let us help you save money!

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Our Prescription Plan members saved an average of 40.2% per month over 3 years
60% - 75% on home deliveries.
How can Prescription Plan help?  
  By offering you the greatest savings possible on prescription drugs every day.  
LibertyRx has the lowest monthly fees!
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